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I am a very ambitious and motivated individual.
I am trustworthy honest and capable of working on my own using my own initiative as well as working as part of a team.



           Man is   physically  weaker than animals. He has no natural  weapens for his defence.


Man was helpless when he was sent to earth but ALLAH Bless him  with  wisdom  which  differentiate  him from others creatures..

Soon through knowledge  he has been  able to get  sentral position on earth..

Knowledge is the under standing of natural laws framed by ALLAH  to run this universe very soon  man disovered those laws  with wisdom and started inventing  new things for his  comfort……For example.







Steam engine


And Computer are major invention of our age.



All comforts luxuries we are enjoying today are due to knowledge of   power …



          Eduation is the proess  to get  knowledge now you  can imagine  the importane  of eduation . Eduation  can ply an important role in progress of a nation .. we should educate our peoples. There is a saying..


                           “A king is honowred in  his own  country .an educated man is honowred every where ,,

M y dear colleaqes and  teacher this is the age of  competition..


We can compete other nation only through  power of scientific knowledge .

As you know we are living in the age of  information tehnology in this age

A  piece of information  is mor valuea  able than peace of gold.

Because with power of information/knowledge  we can earn a lot…





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